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Semi-Trailer Repairs: Four Tips for Buying Semi-Trailer Replacement Parts

by Logan Peck

When your semi-trailer breaks down or gets into an accident, most of the time you will have to buy replacement semi-trailer parts to conduct repairs. Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of purchasing replacement parts without considering the essential factors. As a result, they either end up buying parts that are not compatible with their semi-trailer model or at extremely high prices.

Thus, before purchasing any semi-trailer parts, it is advisable to consider the following four factors.

Part Specifications

It is essential to note that every component in your semi-trailer has specifications that match its make and model. Thus, if you buy parts that do not have the exact specifications of your semi's model, they will not be compatible most of the time. Sometimes, even semi-trailers of the same brand may not have matching components depending on their models. Thus, before buying any replacement semi-trailer parts, it is advisable to consult your mechanic on the specifications of the parts required. By doing so, you ensure that you purchase replacement parts that are compatible with your semi-trailer, and thus they will not malfunction or cause additional problems once they get installed.

OEM or After Market Parts

As far as buying semi-trailer parts is concerned, an individual has two main options. You can either purchase original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) manufactured by the same company that produces your semi-trailer brand or aftermarket parts manufactured by a different company.

OEM semi-trailer parts are typically the best option because you can get components that match your semi-trailer make and model. However, aftermarket parts may also be compatible with your semi-trailer make and model. Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that a different company manufactures aftermarket parts. Therefore, there is a chance that the aftermarket parts have yet to get tested on your semi-trailer model. Thus, there is a chance that aftermarket semi-trailer parts may be defective or non-durable with your semi-trailer model. Though both are viable options, it is advisable to consult a mechanic you trust on whether to buy OEM or aftermarket based on the sensitivity of the parts in question.

Where to Buy the Parts 

When buying replacement semi-trailer parts, you can either purchase new or used parts. Typically brand new components will cost you more than used parts. However, depending on where you buy the new features, prices will vary.

If you opt for used semi-trailer parts, you can buy them from used auto parts dealers or auto salvage yards. In most cases, if you buy from an auto salvage yard, you will get a lower price than at a used auto parts dealer. The reason for this is that used auto parts dealers often get their parts from salvage yards. Thus, the dealer's price is higher because it incorporates a markup for the dealer to make a profit. However, if you want to buy new semi-trailer parts, you typically have three options. You can purchase the elements from the auto shop conducting the repairs, an auto parts dealership, or directly from the manufacturer. Typically, auto shops buy their parts from auto parts dealers, and the auto parts dealers get their components from manufacturers.

When you buy from the auto shop, the price includes the dealer's markup plus the auto shop's markup. If you buy from the auto parts dealer, the price also included a markup for the dealer to make a profit. Hence, if you want to save as much money as you can on semi-trailer parts, it is advisable to buy directly from the manufacturer. However, buying from the manufacturer often means you will have to wait for the manufacturer to process your order and send the parts. Thus you may encounter a delay in the repairs. 


Buying replacement semi-trailer parts is an investment in your trailer. It is essential to ensure you get a warranty for the parts you buy just in case they are defective or malfunction after some time. If the above scenarios occur and you have a warranty, you can get new parts from the seller without paying any money. However, if you fail to get a warranty and the components become defective after a while, you will have to cover the cost of acquiring new parts. Thus, irrespective of where you buy the semi-trailer parts, make sure you get a warranty.

For more information, contact a semi-trailer repair service for more information.