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Junk Car Removal Service: Getting More For Your Junk Car

by Logan Peck

If you have hybrid vehicle that is no longer running or has become too expensive to repair, you may be considering using a junk car removal service to get rid of it.

When it comes to disposing a hybrid vehicle, you can take a few extra steps to increase the value of your junk car.

Paperwork, Research, and Leverage

When you work with a cash for junk cars service, you will need to have all your documents, do some research, and increase your bargaining power.

  • Ownership: before you can sell your hybrid car to a junk car removal service, you will need to have the title to the vehicle and any other necessary documents, such as the registration and proof of insurance. Make sure you have these on hand before you contact a junk car removal service. Essentially, you need to clearly show that you are owner of the vehicle and are therefore authorized to sell it
  • Market Research: cash for junk car services are common in most areas. To get more for your hybrid vehicle, however, you need to assess the market in your area. For hybrid vehicles, it's often more profitable to sell key parts of the vehicle separately. This might mean removing the batteries or other parts of the car to sell separately from the vehicle.
  • Bargain: when you have identified a few junk car removal services that you are interested in, contact them, and ask for a quote. The more quotes you get, the more leverage you will have to drive up the price of your hybrid vehicle. You can use the competing prices to negotiate for other incentives, like cash on the spot or a free pick-up.

Pick-Up and Transferring Ownership

After you make a deal with a cash for junk cars service, you will need to complete a few final steps to complete the process.

  • Pick-Up: after making the deal, you will need arrange for the vehicle to be picked-up. Be sure to let the service know where the car is located and any special instructions they might need to know. Before the car is hauled away, be sure to remove any personal items from the car, including registration documents and insurance papers. If you have any valuable items, such as a spare tire or car seat, you may want to remove those as well to keep or sell on the open market.
  • Ownership: the final step to complete a deal with a cash for junk car service is transferring ownership. This is an important step as it ensures that you are no longer responsible for the car and that the service has the legal right to dispose of it.

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