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What To Expect When You Need Auto Glass Replacement For A Smashed Driver's Side Window

by Logan Peck

When the driver's side window gets smashed out, you want to have repairs done right away, especially in the winter. It's too cold to drive with a window missing, and it could be unsafe too since it makes it easier to carjack your vehicle with a missing window. You can either take your car to an auto glass replacement shop or have mobile repairs done. Here's an overview of what happens when you have your broken auto glass replaced.

Vacuum Out The Glass

If you plan to drive your car to the auto glass shop, take time to vacuum out all the pieces of glass first. Side windows are made of tempered glass. They don't shatter, but instead, they crumble into many little pieces, and the pieces can go everywhere. Vacuum the dash, seats, and floor to get rid of all the glass so it's safer for you to drive the car. If you have mobile repairs, the auto glass technician may clean out all the broken glass for you.

Remove The Inside Of The Door

The driver's side door has to be taken apart to replace the glass. This involves removing screws and popping off the inside panel. The technician also has to disconnect the wiring that's hooked up to the panel. They may also need to remove a vapor barrier from the door and remove rubber strips from around the glass.

Remove The Old Glass

Once the door is apart, the glass can be removed from the track. The wires might be attached to a small battery first so the track can be triggered to go up and down since there is no hand crank. The old glass can usually be slid right out of the track, and once it's out, the new glass can be slid in its place.

Replace The Door Panel

All the parts that were removed from the door panel are put back in place and the wiring is attached. The rubber strips are put back in to keep rain from leaking in the door. When the door is back together, the window is tested to make sure it goes up and down and stays in the track.

It doesn't take too long for an auto glass replacement specialist to put in new window glass, but if you're pressed for time, you can schedule a mobile visit so the technician comes to your home or office. If you're stranded in a cold parking lot, you may prefer to drive to the glass shop so you're in more comfortable surroundings while you wait on your window to be replaced.

To learn more, contact an auto glass replacement company.