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Want Your Air Conditioner To Provide You With Cool Air? 3 Things You Can Do

by Logan Peck

When you get into your hot car, you want your vehicle to cool off as quickly as possible. That is where your air conditioning comes into play. Your air conditioning is vital to staying comfortable when it is cold outside. There are steps you can take to ensure that you get the best, and coolest, air during the hottest days of the year when you need it the most.

#1 Keep Your Air Filter Clean

Your vehicle has two different air filters, the cabin air filter and the engine air filter. You need to make sure that you keep the cabin air filter clean if you want to enjoy nice, cool air from your air conditioner.

In some vehicles, the air filter is relatively easy for you to access and change. In other vehicles, you have to remove the dash to get to the cabin air filter, making it a much more challenging and expensive task. You can always contact an auto service company like Modern Auto Air for help with this, too.

It is a good idea to change out the air filter in your car at least once a year. A clean air filter will help keep your air clean and ensure that the air flow in your vehicle is optimal, which will help keep the air in your vehicle cool.

#2 Start Out Low

When you turn on your air conditioner, you want to set the temperature control to the lowest setting from the start. Setting the air to the lowest air system allows your AC unit to cool the air to 38 degrees before pumping it out. When you set the temperature above the lowest setting, your air conditioner actually has to heat up the air after it cools the air off. This is not an effective way to use your air system, and requires the use of more fuel and energy to create cool air.

Keep the air flow on low as well. This will allow your vehicle to start providing cool air at a slower pace. Increase the air speed once you start driving; your air conditioner actually works better when you are driving verses when you are sitting.

#3 Open the Back Windows

If your vehicle is really hot, roll down the back windows and turn the fan up on your air conditioning when you start driving. Doing this for about a minute will help force the hot air out of your vehicle. This only works if you just open the back windows; as you drive, the hot air is pulled backwards and cool air is pushed into the front of the vehicle. After about a minute, roll up the windows and allow your air conditioning to continue to cool your vehicle for you.