Creating A Better Car

Top Vehicle Maintenance Musts For Budget Savvy Motorists

by Logan Peck

Motorists may enjoy keeping their cars clean and shiny on the outside but vehicle maintenance entails more than exterior cleaning. Most of the time you can keep a car running proficiently by maintaining a set service appointment schedule with a certified mechanic. Based on the suggested schedule you get you'll know when your car is due for tire balancing, oil changes, engine flushes, and tune-ups. If you would like to avoid experiencing an unforeseen auto repair, follow these top vehicle maintenance tips and you'll stay within your vehicle repair budget. Maintain Your Tires

Mechanics generally advise drivers schedule tire balancing approximately every 5,000 miles for good reason. You can put the most expensive tires on your car that come with an extended warranty, but if the tires aren't balanced then the tread will wear down very swiftly. Always have your tires replaced before they become bald and hazardous to drive on. Proper tire balancing will make it safe for you to be behind the wheel of your car and it will safe you money on maintenance fees too.

Beware of Battery Drainage

You shouldn't need to replace the battery on your vehicle that often but if you have drainage issues, starter, alternator, and electrical issues may be a future problem. Turn off the headlights when your car isn't in use and try not to keep the key in the on position so that the car radio stays on for lengthy periods. Any excessive drain you put on your car's battery can lead to a more serious issue that requires a major repair down the line.

Go Easy On Your Brakes

Many drivers misuse their brakes, but only because they haven't been taught any better. As long as you avoid tailgating and accelerating too quickly you should always be able to apply the brakes on your car gently and easily. Misusing your brakes will lead to increased brake pad and drum replacement costs, along with new tire purchases and extra tire balancing expenses. Using your brakes excessively also leads to less smooth of a ride, so try to relax as you drive and only utilize aggressive braking to avoid auto accidents.

Stay aware as you drive and you will need to brake less frequently. Being cautious about keeping your car running or the ignition switched on will protect your battery life. Lastly, checking on your tire's tread and maintaining a good tire balancing schedule will contribute to fewer vehicle repair and maintenance woes. Contact a shop, like Foster's Auto Service Inc, for more help.