Creating A Better Car

3 Keys For Fleet Maintenance

by Logan Peck

You'll be a good steward over your company when you learn how to take care of your vehicle fleet. A fleet that is well maintained and managed will allow you to really capitalize on the use of your resources, which is great for your business overall. To this end, make sure that you follow the tips presented, in order to take your fleet to the next level and get the professional help you require:

#1: Care for every transmission whenever possible

As you look into keeping your fleet up to par, make sure that you place a heavy priority on the transmissions. The transmissions in your automobiles will serve you well when they're maintained, and can be expensive repairs when you happen to neglect them. By reaching out to an automotive technician that can care for your transmission, it'll be simple for you to switch gears, and your fleet will be much better for it. Getting a transmission flushed can cost you anywhere between $125 and $250 per vehicle, depending on the type of transmission and work that you require. Be diligent about also getting transmission inspections, in order to maintain the overall quality of your fleet. 

#2: Take advantage of regular inspections for the little things

Little vehicle issues turn big if you neglect them. For instance, a tire alignment is very inexpensive, but if neglected, it will lead to your tires wearing down unevenly and giving you much bigger problems. On top of alignments, you will need to regularly inflate your tires, keep your gas cap tight and well cared for and opt for oil changes and tune ups. An automotive professional will gladly help you out with this, so that you're able to get what you need out of your fleet on a weekly and monthly basis. 

#3: Manage and plan the best that you can

So much planning goes into caring for a fleet of automobiles. For instance, you can buy a gas contract, so that you're paying for the gas in advance and at a flat rate. You'll also want to always keep every vehicle properly insured, and with roadside assistance plans. Further, be sure that you have a maintenance checklist, on top of keeping detailed documentation any time that you have a professional provide you with service. 

Use the three tips above to get all that you need out of your company's automobile fleet. Contact a mobile fleet maintenance service for more information and assistance.